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Young Adults

Young Adults – We heard what you had to say! 

Please know there is a second “Listening Session” on Friday, September 21, 6:00p on the friary patio.  We hope you’ll join us for a cook-out and discussion on what young adults are looking for from the Church. Based on the input from these sessions, our parish will be offering more social and spiritual activities to help meet the needs of young adults. We’ve started one faith-sharing gathering on Wednesday nights               

· Wednesday Evening Faith Sharing – Every Wednesday young adults gather at 7:30p in Hellmann Hall for an evening of faith formation, prayer and discussion. Young adult parishioners Jason Allen and Lisa Borgnini lead this casual faith-based discussion.

For more information, please contact Rita: text 812.230.3459, or or call 812.232.8421, ext. 12.




Last week in the bulletin, we reported on some of the responses we heard from young adults, during a “Listening Session” we held on July 25th. Below are some of the other questions we asked and the responses given by the 17 young adults who gathered with us in Hellmann Hall.


Also, note that the questions we asked are the same questions the larger Church has asked young adults throughout the world in preparation for a young adult synod that Pope Francis has called for in October 2018. Bishops will gather at this synod to discuss the needs, wants and issues of young adults. We sent the responses of our young adults to the Office of Young   Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of Indianapolis.


Why do young adults drift away from Church?

· Don’t feel included

· Being alone, busy                              

· Priorities                                                                                 

· Exploration                                                                            

· Forced to go as child/Rebellion                                             

· Spouse, significant other doesn’t go  

· Too much negativity, too old-fashioned


What do young adults want from the Church?

· Community

· A sense of belonging                                                             

· Jesus                                                                                       

· Giving thanks w/ others, community, spiritual insight

· Inclusive community (one that goes beyond Mass)                

· Tradition, authentic Catholicism        

· A place that welcomes, a place to fit in, a place that shows love

· Upbeat Mass

· Events for parents and kids together 

· Want an outlet to escape the materialistic/self-centered society promoted in American culture